C H E S A P E A K E   W A Y  of   L I F E 

One of the most wonderful gifts of nature is an estuary on the North American continent called the Chesapeake Bay.  Unique and one of a kind there is no other body of water elsewhere on the earth which can compare.  For thousands of years the Chesapeake Bay has provided a plentiful treasure of seafood..   There are species of fish and wildlife inhabiting the territory as the bay provides a special environment for them.

Civilizations of people have relied on the bay for their nourishment and for the last several centuries for their livelihood. Today the Chesapeake Bay is becoming exhausted as a result of over development; pollution and fish-killing disease.  Todays watermen are reluctant to encourage their children to pursue a fishing or crabbing occupation.

The following photography collection is but a glimpse of the Chesapeake Bay scenery and waterman style of boat building.

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